GM Sivuk Vitaly emerged champion of the 7th Johor International Chess Open 2022 scoring 7.5 points from 9 rounds.

  • GM Sivuk Vitaly had 6 wins, 3 draws and 0 loss.
  • Wins include games against
  • IM Soozankar A.M.
  • IM Gunawan Ronny
  • Dinh Nho Kiet
  • IM Yeoh Li Tian
  • GM Nguyen Duc Hoa
  • IM Sadikin The Irwanto
  • and draws against
  • IM Muthaiah Al
  • GM Priasmoro Novendra
  • IM Harikrishnan A Ra

Grandmaster Sivuk Vitaly is incidentally the defending Johor Open Champion having won the event back in 2019. After that the event was on hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions. The grandmaster takes home with him a cash prize of RM 8000 for his efforts.

Grandmaster Priasmoro Novendra who recently won the Penang Open, also had the same 7 and a half points as Grandmaster Sivuk Vitaly but had to settle for 2nd place due to Sivuk Vitaly’s better tie break.

International Master Harikrishnan A Ra from India, took 3rd place with a score 6 and half points. He takes home with him the prize money of RM 3000.

Despite losing two games in the tournament, International Master Yeoh Li Tian finished 4th place earning him the prize money of RM 2000.

Vietnamese Grandmaster Nguyen Duc Hoa won RM 1000 for his 5th placing.

6th to 10th place are FM Banh Gia Huy, IM Nolte Rolando, FM Kurniawan Muhamad Agus, FM Laohawirapap Prin and IM Bancod Ronald respectively.

A total of 78 players took part in this tournament.

Interactive Cross Table here

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