8th Johor International Chess Open 2023-Asean Chess Series
Johor Baharu, Malaysia 5 – 11 July 2023
Technical Points

Number of rounds: The Tournament will be played in 9 rounds under Swiss System
Rate of Play: Standard: 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1
Default time: 60 Minutes

Day 1 – Wednesday 5 July
1630: Technical Meeting
Players absent will not be paired
1800: Round 1
Day 2 – Thursday 6 July
1530: Round 2
Day 3 – Friday 7 July
0900: Round 3
1400: Rapid Chess Tournament
Day 4 – Saturday 8 July
0900: Round 4
1530: Round 5
Day 5 – Sunday 9 July
1530: Round 6
Day 6 – Monday 10 July
0900: Round 7
1530: Round 8
Day 7 – Tuesday 11 July
0900: Round 9
1530: Closing Ceremony

  1. Prize Fund: In case of a tie, cash prizes are shared.
    Masters Section (based on 60 paying players) MYR 90,000:
    1st to 5th: 22,000 – 11,000 – 9,000 – 6,500 – 4,500;
    6th to 10th: 2,250 each;
    11th to 12th 1350 each;
    Amateur Section (120 players) MYR 35,000: –
    1st to 5th: 4,000 – 3,500 – 3,000 – 2,500 – 2,000;
    6th to 10th: 1,250 each;
    11th to 15th: 900 each;
    16th to 20th: 500 each;
    Ladies 1st to 3
    rd: 1,750 – 1,000 – 750.

▪ Direct Encounter (only if all tied players have played with each other);
▪ Buchholz Cut-1 with Virtual Point;
▪ Buchholz with Virtual Point;
▪ Sonneborn-Berger;

Mobile Phones
➢ Mobile phones and watches are not permitted inside the tournament hall
➢ If a player keeps a mobile or electronic communicating device with him during the game, he will lose
the game.
➢ If a player’s phone rings, or any mobile electronic device has been found on a player in the playing
area at any time during and after the round, the player will be forfeited and receive zero for the round.

Playing hall conditions
➢ If a non-player’s phone rings in the playing hall, they will have to leave the playing hall and there
will be a 50 USD charge and a one round suspension.
➢ Photograph may be taken in the playing area for the first 10 minutes in the first round. For the
subsequent rounds it will be 5 minutes.
➢ If the volume in the spectators’ area is deemed by Chief Arbiter to be loud, a first warning will be
given. If the volume does not improve, all spectators will be asked to leave the playing hall

➢ Pairing will be made by the Swiss Manager Pairing Program Latest Version shall be used for the
tournament. Protests regarding the pairing will not be accepted.
➢ The drawing of colours for round 1 shall be carried out during the players’ meeting.

General Regulations
➢ Play will be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess valid from 1 January 2023.
➢ The fair-play measures are applied according to the FIDE Anti-Cheating Guidelines
➢ The players are not permitted to bring any electronic devices/mobile phones/watches into the playing
area. In case of this rule violation, the player loses the current game. Other than players, any person
whose mobile phone rings or makes a signal in the competition hall shall be expelled from the
competition hall.
➢ Only the players and arbiters shall be allowed in the field of playing area, except with the express
permission of the Chief Arbiter.
➢ Players who finish the game must leave playing hall at once.
➢ During the playing session, a player may leave a playing venue only with the permission of the
Arbiter and only if he/she is accompanied by one of the arbiters. In case of this rule violation, the
player will be given a warning;

Covid Protocols
➢ Mask wearing will be mandatory for players exhibiting symptoms of Covid (e.g., Persistent
➢ If player’s symptoms are deemed to be serious by the Chief Arbiter, they will need to take a Covid
➢ If the Covid test is positive, they will have to default on the round and will not be paired until they a
negative test result that is confirmed by either Chief Arbiter or his deputies.

Appeal / Protest
Protests against the Arbiter’s decision shall be submitted to the Appeals Committee at the latest within 15
minutes after the round, accompanied by a protest fee of US$ 100 or its equivalent currency, and if the
protest is upheld the fee will be refunded.

Appeals Committee

  1. IA Steven Cheong, (MAS)
  2. IA Leong, Ignatius (SGP)
  3. IA Long, Peter (MAS)
  4. CM Shreyans K. Shah (IND)
  5. Tan Chong Hien Andrew (SGP)

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